Lifestyle Counselling

Lifestyle counselling is not an extra at Ellithia Healthcare. Rather, it is an integral element in every appointment.


Another Tool

Many of the women and men who come to us have already taken control of their health. They eat clean, exercise regularly, have reduced their alcohol consumption and are managing their weight. For those people, BHRT will be one more tool to help them feel like their old selves again.

Don’t Struggle

For others, if a healthy way of life continues to be a struggle, Ellithia Healthcare’s experienced nurse practitioners can offer direction and assistance in a number of critical lifestyle areas, including:

Cardiovascular disease prevention
Sleep hygiene (that is, tips on how to improve your sleep)
Alcohol reduction
Stress management (including helping you recognize what contributes to your stress)


However, expecting BHRT to fix your life will leave you disappointed with your results. BHRT is not a cure-all. In order to see the best results, you will have to commit to a healthy lifestyle, which may mean making significant lifestyle changes.

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