Our Story

Our clinical director and founder, Dr. Susan Prendergast PhD NP, began to experience perimenopause symptoms in her early 30s. Always a happy and positive person, Susan started experiencing mood swings that left her angry and night sweats that made getting a good night’s sleep impossible. Her symptoms deteriorated rapidly and, before long, impacted her marriage and her relationships at work.

As a nurse practitioner with advanced education and years of experience, she knew she was starting perimenopause earlier than average and sought help. She soon found that no one would listen to her. Numerous family physicians told her “nothing is wrong” and that all of her hormone levels were “within normal range.”

Unsatisfied with the answers she was receiving, Susan began searching for alternative solutions. In time she discovered bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and found a provider who had the knowledge to prescribe these therapies. Very quickly, Susan found relief from her worsening symptoms and returned to her positive, happy self again.

Disappointed with the lack of help from the medical system, and aware that she was not the only woman to struggle with symptoms of perimenopause, Susan opened her own clinic and began to serve those suffering in a similar way. Susan quickly developed a reputation as someone who would listen and could provide solutions to women transitioning into their middle years and beyond.

Our Team

Ellithia Healthcare is now a team of four experienced nurse practitioners who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Although we began by helping only women, we now also help men suffering from the effects of andropause (male menopause) and younger adults with thyroid and hormone imbalance issues. We offer virtual appointments so we can help you wherever you live in Alberta or British Columbia.

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