Our Process

Important note:

We are currently accepting Alberta residents only.

All appointments are virtual so we can help you wherever you live in Alberta.

Step 1

Preliminary Consultation

The first step is to contact Ellithia Healthcare:

We then schedule a preliminary 15 minute consultation. At this time our nurse practitioner will gather your health history and record the symptoms you are experiencing. If our nurse practitioner thinks we can help, we will provide you with a requisition form to get blood work.

Step 2

Go For Bloodwork

You will book your blood draw on a day convenient to you, between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., after having fasted for 12 hours (there is no charge to have this blood work done). Seven to 10 days after you’ve completed your blood work, we review the results and let you know if we can, indeed, help. If we can assist, you will be directed to call us and book an Initiation appointment.

Step 3

Initiation Appointment

During this appointment, we review your blood work and discuss your diet, exercise, and stress levels. By understanding your unique situation, we are able to develop a plan tailored just for you. At the end of this appointment, you will be provided a three-month prescription of your therapies.

Step 4

3 Month Follow-Up

At three months, you will do another round of blood work and then meet with your nurse practitioner again. Now that you’ve experienced the effects of your individually tailored therapies, your nurse practitioner will adjust or “optimize” your prescriptions so you can feel your best. If all goes well, your nurse practitioner will send you away from this appointment with 12 months of prescriptions. A small percentage of patients, usually those with complex underlying health issues, may require further appointments during the first year.

Step 5

Annual Appointment

Every year you will meet with your nurse practitioner. Before your meeting, you will have your blood drawn. Adjustments will be made to your therapies if needed.

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